Free Images of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever belongs among smartest dogs and animals in general, but – let’s face it – the major reason for popularity of this breed lies in their look. They are just too cute!

I decided to compile 50+ photos of golden retrievers from various sources:,,, and others. All have one thing in common – all presented photos are released to Public Domain CC 1.0 license. This means you are free to use them in any way you want, just don’t sell them as they are. Feel free to share them with your friends and enjoy.

And now for the star of this post – golden retriever in pictures:)

Let’s start with few scenes with the water. Goldens are descendants of Tweed Water Spaniels and have natural affinity to water.








Some golden retrievers adore water from very beginning and some need some incentive to get in. So if your dog doesn’t want to get in, especially if it’s still a pup, don’t force him. It’s much better to show him another dog (maybe older golden) who already enjoys swimming. Playing in water is one of best exercises for this breed, which is blessed with water resistant coat and not only needs lots of exercise, but has genetis predispositions for problems with joints as well.




Talking about sports … Goldens need intensive exercise on regular basis. Running, jumping and playing hide and seek in thousand variations should be on the daily menu.

picture-golden-retriever images-golden-retrievers

Did we mention, they were developed as gun dogs? They are born hunters with excellent smelling and retrieving abilities.


Looking at them how playful they are, we often forget about their intelligence. Experts have pretty complicated system for classifying breeds according to their intellectual abilities and learning skills, but it’s pretty obvious only three breeds surpass goldens: Border Collie, Poodle and German Shepherd. None of them is so friendly and patient as golden retriever. If you are looking for a companion for hours and hours of play, look no further. Here you have it!

pictures-of-golden-retrievers-dogs golden-retrievers-pictures image-of-golden-retriever pictures-of-golden-retriever-dogs golden-retrievers-images golden-retriever-dogs-pictures golden-retriever-dogs-pictures images-golden-retriever-dogs golden-retriever-image images-for-golden-retrievers

They are super cute indeed! No wonder they are constantly at the top of the lists of popularity among dog owners all over the world. In recent years goldens occupy spot number three, just behind Labrador Retrievers and and German Shepherds. Several individuals made decent TV or movie career and one (Liberty) even made it to the White House as a presidential dog in times of Gerald Ford.

pictures-golden-retrievers images-of-golden-retriever-dogs picture-golden-retriever-white golden-retriever-dogs-pictures

What could be possibly better than knowing such positively oriented dog is waiting for you when you are returning home? Well, maybe a full pack of Golden Retrievers!


While they really don’t like to be left alone and can become frustrated if they are left for prolonged time without company, they are also known they can patiently wait for hours, if they feel they need to. We have already mentioned they are among top breeds in intelligence, smell sensitivity and physical fitness, but in obedience they are winners without true contester.

picture-golden-retriever funny-golden-retriever-pictures golden-retriever-waiting-picture

They love company and get along very well with almost all other dog breeds, domestic animals and people. Yes, they love children, who are often their best friends.

bernese-mountain-dog-golden-retriever-photo photo-of-golden-retriever-bernese-mountain-dog pack-of-golden-retrievers golden-retriever-learning golden-retriever-and-master golden-retriever-agility


Many animals have extremely adorable cubs and goldens are no exception. Just look at next series of golden retrievers’ puppies and try not to smile at their appearance!

images-golden-retriever-puppies golden-retriever-puppies-pictures picture-of-golden-retriever-puppy puppy-pictures-golden-retrievers golden-retriever-puppy-pictures-free pictures-of-puppies-golden-retriever image-golden-retriever-puppy photos-of-golden-retriever-puppies images-golden-retriever-puppies pictures-of-puppies-golden-retriever

They are simply irrestistible. And when they grow up, they keep most of their cuteness with playful cheerful character, so if you think you can handle them, maybe this is the right dog for you. But before you make a final step, please check these facts about golden retrievers, which can definitely offer much more than a hairy ball of joy!

golden-retrievers-in-snow golden-retriever-dog-wandering image-of-golden-retriever-nature golden-retriever-free-photo images-golden-retrievers golden-retriever-dog-free-photo

Don’t forget – all these pictures are free, no strings attached, just keep them free for other users too. Feel free to share all the presented photos of golden retrievers with everybody who might find them interesting. Have fun!

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