Different Shades of Turquoise Color with Codes

Turquoise Colors And Variations

Turquoise became very popular color in recent years, but many people don’t differ among its shades, tints, tones and hues. With all the available references and contradicting standards it’s definitely not an easy task, so we’ll explore some of the most widely recognized shades of turquoise, together with their names and HTML (HEX) codes. We’ll also show some similar colors and colors that go well with turquoise.


Turquoise: Definition

A definition of turquoise is always related to the mineral with the same name. It’s a rare precious stone, often used in jewelry and it got it’s name after Turkey, from where first turquoises came to Europe (although first mines were in Persia, today’s Iran). Most natural turquoise is found as byproduct at copper mines. There are also synthetic alternatives.

Turquoise color is greenish blue or bluish green, depending on your preferences and has signature light blue owing to copper ions, but becomes greener due dehydration (the mineral is chemically polyhydrate). This of course leads to different hues of turquoise (ratio of basic colors in the mix), shades (addition of more or less quantity of black to the mix), tints (addition of white in the mix) and tones (addition of grey).

Turquoise Hex Code

So what are HEX codes for different turquoise colors? We divided them in four basic groups, but don’t expect exact results. There are too many standards out there, which are further complicated with differences between colors presented on monitors and in print, even without mentioning sometimes logic and practical, yet often confusing ideas about safe web colors, commercial names and so on.

Here we go:


Names for this set of turquoise colors with accompanying HEX codes are:

#40E0D0 Turquoise

#00F5FF Turquoise 1

#00E5EE Turquoise 2

#00C5CD Turquoise 3

#00868B Turquoise 4

Looks pretty plain and simple, right?

As we already know, most variations of turquoise are light. So we won’t be surprised to find a full set of pale shades:


Next set of codes and names for pale turquoise shades is:

#AFEEEE Light Turquoise

#34DDDD Light Blue Turquoise Blue

#BBFFFF Pale Turquoise 1 (Hex3)

#AEEEEE Pale Turquoise

#33CCCC Light Blue Turquoise

Please note, most of these names could be find with different codes and all these codes can be also named differently, depending on the preferences of each specific designer.

We are not finished yet. Next five tones of turquoise is slightly more varied:


As we can see, there is a huge palette of colors belonging to the turquoise family, varying from very light blueish to truly radiant purplish or lively greenish. Here are the codes and the names for each:

#B2FFFF Celeste

#48D1CC Medium Turquoise (SVG)

#7093DB Dark Turquoise

#00CED1 Dark Turquoise (SVG)

#45C3B8 Natural Turquoise

We’ll conclude the color chart of turquoise family with one more set of five tones:


Now we know why turquoise blue is often interchangeably used as turquoise green, right? What are the codes for that set?

#49E9BD Electric Turquoise

#32C6A6 Pearl Mystic Turquoise

#2CDAB1 Blue Green Turquoise

#A0D6B4 Turquoise green

#00C78C Turquoise Blue

But we are not quite finished yet.

What are differences between turquoise, aqua and teal?

All these colors are similar, consisting of different mixtures of blue and green (which, of course, is a mix itself, consisting from blue and yellow, with addition of red), with addition of some white and black.

In general aqua is lightest of all, teal is darkest and turquoise somewhere between. When we are choosing a color for a project, like a part of logotype, background of web page or wedding dress, it’s in most cases the safest way to find a proper HEX, HTML or RGB codes.


Check the names and the codes:

#4E78A0 Aquamarine

#66CCCC Aqua

#00FFFF Cyan (Aqua)

#90FEFB Cool Mint

#008080 Teal

When we are dealing with on-line orders of physical products, we should also remember how different can be the same color on different displays, so it’s best to get an sample before order, for instance three hundred wedding invitations.

We can go on and on, but maybe it’s better to spend few moments at another question:

What colors go good with turquoise?

Colors that go with turquoise are numerous, starting with white, black and all metallic colors. This gentle blue green color goes great with many shades of pink, coral and yellow, what makes it especially appropriate for summer weddings and similar optimistic celebrations. In recent years turquoise dresses for bridesmaids are especially popular.

There are also numerous attractive combinations with maroon, tomato red and lively orange tones, but this is only a beginning, because it can work great in combos of three colors, where turquoise can play a leading or only accentuating role.

Did we mention, it’s also one of the so called universal colors, what means it compliments all types of skins?

If you enjoyed in our presentation of turquoise colors, please share this with youe friends and everybody who might be interested. Take care!

Free Images of Golden Retrievers

Golden Retriever belongs among smartest dogs and animals in general, but – let’s face it – the major reason for popularity of this breed lies in their look. They are just too cute!

I decided to compile 50+ photos of golden retrievers from various sources: StockSnap.io, Picjumbo.com, Tookapic.com, Pixabay.com and others. All have one thing in common – all presented photos are released to Public Domain CC 1.0 license. This means you are free to use them in any way you want, just don’t sell them as they are. Feel free to share them with your friends and enjoy.

And now for the star of this post – golden retriever in pictures:)

Let’s start with few scenes with the water. Goldens are descendants of Tweed Water Spaniels and have natural affinity to water.








Some golden retrievers adore water from very beginning and some need some incentive to get in. So if your dog doesn’t want to get in, especially if it’s still a pup, don’t force him. It’s much better to show him another dog (maybe older golden) who already enjoys swimming. Playing in water is one of best exercises for this breed, which is blessed with water resistant coat and not only needs lots of exercise, but has genetis predispositions for problems with joints as well.




Talking about sports … Goldens need intensive exercise on regular basis. Running, jumping and playing hide and seek in thousand variations should be on the daily menu.

picture-golden-retriever images-golden-retrievers

Did we mention, they were developed as gun dogs? They are born hunters with excellent smelling and retrieving abilities.


Looking at them how playful they are, we often forget about their intelligence. Experts have pretty complicated system for classifying breeds according to their intellectual abilities and learning skills, but it’s pretty obvious only three breeds surpass goldens: Border Collie, Poodle and German Shepherd. None of them is so friendly and patient as golden retriever. If you are looking for a companion for hours and hours of play, look no further. Here you have it!

pictures-of-golden-retrievers-dogs golden-retrievers-pictures image-of-golden-retriever pictures-of-golden-retriever-dogs golden-retrievers-images golden-retriever-dogs-pictures golden-retriever-dogs-pictures images-golden-retriever-dogs golden-retriever-image images-for-golden-retrievers

They are super cute indeed! No wonder they are constantly at the top of the lists of popularity among dog owners all over the world. In recent years goldens occupy spot number three, just behind Labrador Retrievers and and German Shepherds. Several individuals made decent TV or movie career and one (Liberty) even made it to the White House as a presidential dog in times of Gerald Ford.

pictures-golden-retrievers images-of-golden-retriever-dogs picture-golden-retriever-white golden-retriever-dogs-pictures

What could be possibly better than knowing such positively oriented dog is waiting for you when you are returning home? Well, maybe a full pack of Golden Retrievers!


While they really don’t like to be left alone and can become frustrated if they are left for prolonged time without company, they are also known they can patiently wait for hours, if they feel they need to. We have already mentioned they are among top breeds in intelligence, smell sensitivity and physical fitness, but in obedience they are winners without true contester.

picture-golden-retriever funny-golden-retriever-pictures golden-retriever-waiting-picture

They love company and get along very well with almost all other dog breeds, domestic animals and people. Yes, they love children, who are often their best friends.

bernese-mountain-dog-golden-retriever-photo photo-of-golden-retriever-bernese-mountain-dog pack-of-golden-retrievers golden-retriever-learning golden-retriever-and-master golden-retriever-agility


Many animals have extremely adorable cubs and goldens are no exception. Just look at next series of golden retrievers’ puppies and try not to smile at their appearance!

images-golden-retriever-puppies golden-retriever-puppies-pictures picture-of-golden-retriever-puppy puppy-pictures-golden-retrievers golden-retriever-puppy-pictures-free pictures-of-puppies-golden-retriever image-golden-retriever-puppy photos-of-golden-retriever-puppies images-golden-retriever-puppies pictures-of-puppies-golden-retriever

They are simply irrestistible. And when they grow up, they keep most of their cuteness with playful cheerful character, so if you think you can handle them, maybe this is the right dog for you. But before you make a final step, please check these facts about golden retrievers, which can definitely offer much more than a hairy ball of joy!

golden-retrievers-in-snow golden-retriever-dog-wandering image-of-golden-retriever-nature golden-retriever-free-photo images-golden-retrievers golden-retriever-dog-free-photo

Don’t forget – all these pictures are free, no strings attached, just keep them free for other users too. Feel free to share all the presented photos of golden retrievers with everybody who might find them interesting. Have fun!

Beyonce and Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

PSY and Gangnam Style

Full Moon

Full moon

Full moon

Beyonce and Shakira in “Beautiful Liar”

Canon digital camera

My first lens (article) on Squidoo is about Canon digital cameras.

It is interesting, how many Canon digital cameras are out there. And it’s really hard to group them, because there are really a lot of them.

I decided to group them on a base of an optical zoom. I made four groups of cameras, from 4x optical zoom to 20x optical zoom.

You can read some basic information about every group or find out more on canon.com.

And here is a link to lens Canon digital camera, www.squidoo.com/canon_digitalcamera.

I hope you’ll find out something new and useful.

Neptune storms

I found this image of Neptune storms by NASA/Voyager 2 Team on Wikimedia Commons. It is public domain photo.

It is very beautiful, isn’t ‘it?



I opened an account on Squidoo today and I hope it will be successful. I’ll keep you informed about my lenses and other stuff on Squidoo and everywhere else on the net.